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Edmonton - Public Servants


Terence James Cavanagh

Terence James Cavanagh. Mayor and Councillor, Edmonton.

Mayor, Nov. 1975-Nov. 1977, Oct. 1988-Oct. 1989.
Councillor, Oct. 1971-1975, Oct. 1983-1988, Oct. 1992-

My father's grandparents moved from Ireland to Scotland many years ago. My father was born in Edinburgh, and my mother in the Orkney Islands. In 1924 my parents emigrated to Canada and settled in Edmonton, Alberta.

I was born in July, 1926 and educated at Grandin and St. Joseph's High School. I played hockey in Galt, Ontario (Galt, Ontario (City has been re-named Cambridge).with Gordie Howe. Then I played in Dallas, Texas; in Valleyfield, Quebec; and in Los Angeles. I then went to Trail, British Columbia and worked with Cominco (Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company).

I married June on April 12th, 1948 in Edmonton and then went to live in Trail, remaining there for 9 years. Our three children were born in Trail. They are Terry born 1949, Gay Elizabeth born 1951 and Valerie Fitzgerald born in 1953.

I was elected to Edmonton City Council in 1971. In 1975 our mayor died in office, and I was elected by my peers on the Council to serve as mayor for the remaining two years of the term. As it turned out, I was the first Edmonton born Mayor in the history of the City of Edmonton. 

I was off council from 1977-83, and in that time my wife, June, ran for office and was elected in 1980 for a three year term. We both ran in 1983 (in different wards of the city), and I was re-elected while my wife came in 3rd out of 13 candidates who ran in her ward.

In 1988 the mayor of the day left office, and I was again elected by my peers to the position of mayor for the remaining one year of the term. It is always a great honour to be elected by your peers.

I was off council from 1989 to 1992, and was again elected in 1992 and have been on council since that time. In all of the years my wife has been a very dedicated volunteer for many organizations in Edmonton. 


  June Carol Cavanagh
June Carol Cavanagh. Alderman, Edmonton.

Alderman 1980-1983

Born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, on November 26, 1928. Promotion manager with CJCA radio station for fourteen years; Edmonton Welcome Wagon, 1977-1978; design consultant for Miller Stationers, 1979. Director and fund raiser for various associations and societies.


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