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Featured Family Members

Description Date
Mary Frances Cavanaugh
The second child of the late Herbert Cavanaugh and Annie (Francoeur). Frances?great-grandparents, Matthew Cavanaugh and Julia-Susan McCabe, arrived in Saint John, from Ireland in 1849.
24 Mar 2006
Paul Kavanagh of Dublin
A tribute to Paul who passed away in November from Pat Kavanagh in Australia.
31 Jan 2006
Matthew Joseph, Patrick J., Rose Anna M., James & Michael T. Cavanaugh
More Cavanaughs from Saint John.
17 Oct 2005
John R. & Matthew Cavanaugh
John and Matthew were Cordwainers in Saint John.
20 Sep 2005
John Gerard Cavanaugh 17 Jan 2005
James Herbert Cavanaugh 17 Jan 2005
Anthony Bernard Cavanaugh
21 Dec 2004
Michael Joseph Kavanagh M.C.
Awarded the military cross in WWI and served as Lord mayor of Walsall, England.
30 Nov 2004
James F. Cavanaugh (1910 - 1973)
Served as mayor of Watervliet, new York from 1967 to 1973.
12 Nov 2004
Paul Mikio Kavanaugh
Graduated from West Point Military Academy in May 2003.
24 Nov 2003
Monsignor Patrick E. Cavanagh
Patrick passed away on July 24th, 2003
12 Sep 2003
Miss Shannon Sterry - Malta
On the occasion of her first communion.
07 Jul 2003
Major General John Patrick Cavanaugh (Ret.)
Major General Cavanaugh toured most of the world including Germany, Iraq and Korea.
23 May 2003
Lawrence Kavanagh
Lawrence is an officer in the Royal Canadian mounted Police.
29 Apr 2003
James Cavanagh, Kenosha, Wisconsin
A 19th century resident of Kenosha.
05 Mar 2003
Ken Kavanaugh Sr.
Football star for Chicago Bears and World War II pilot. 
15 Jan 2003
Elyse Madelyn Kavanagh
A new member of the Clann arrived in Chicago.
29 Dec 2002
Seth Cavanagh
Seth has overcome a tough start to life and is now looking forward to playing normally with his sisters. This story appears courtesy of The Herald Sun newspaper.
14 Nov 2002
Corporal Thomas J. Cavanaugh
Awarded the US Navy Cross in 1968.
07 Aug 2002
Rose Kavanagh
Rose was a gifted writer and poet whose admirers included W.B. Yeats
24 Jun 2002
Gregory S. Kavanagh
Councilman and fire-fighter from Brick Township, NJ.
08 Mar 2002
Anya Kavanagh
Anya meets the Pope in Rome.
21 Feb 2001
Denis Kavanaugh
Obituary for Denis T. Kavanaugh who passed away in April 2001.
15 Jan 2001
Bertha Johanna Cavanaugh
Obituary from the Mattoon (Illinois, USA) Journal-Gazette on 26th January 1942
30 Oct 2001
James Kavanagh, Wicklow, Ireland
First communion in St. Patrick's Church, Wicklow
30 Jul 2001
Liam Kavanagh, Slough, England
A devoted Liverpool supporter
04 Jun 2001


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