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Featured Family Member - James Kavanagh

James Kavanagh made his first communion on Saturday 26th of May 2001.

The event took place in St. Patrick's church, Wicklow, Ireland. James was accompanied by his mother Nichola, father Brian and younger sister Sophie. Also there to lend moral support were Melanie his godmother, grand parents, uncles, cousins and aunts.

Suprisingly James was not irritated by the communion outfit - the neck button on the shirt did not try to strangle him, there were no protests that the shoes were too tight or the trousers too loose. How things have changed since I went through the same ceremony (many centuries ago) and felt as if my clothes were trying to kill me slowly through suffocation.

Even Brian scrubbed up well, looking refined in a suit and resisted the temptation to throw his tie on the ground as soon as he left the church. Nichola and Sophie were, as always, immaculately turned out.

After church the party went to Ashford for dinner and then later in the evening to Chez Kavanagh for drinks and cocktails. Star of the day (apart from James) was great gandfather Tom McAuley who threw in some jokes and kept the ladies on their toes.

James - if your reading this could you spare me a fiver?