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Featured Family Member - Liam Kavanagh

Say hello to Liam Kavanagh (the small cute one in the middle).

Liam is the mischievous son of Sarah (the good looking one at the top) and Michael (the one with the stubble at the bottom)

Liam, Sarah and Michael live in Slough, England. The men of the house are fanatical Liverpool supporters and Sarah (who's real name is Anne but everyone calls her Sarah, except Michael - who does call her Anne) has had to put up with their disappointments as their team goes through a lean spell.

Liam has inherited his dads cheeky character and is currently building up a collection of hammers and tools so he can be a builder just like his dad.

Sarah and Michael are about to present Liam with a baby brother or sister in the next week or two so we wish them well.


Congratulations to Sarah and Michael on the birth of their daughter!

Name : Caithlin Grace Kavanagh
Weight : 7.6 pounds (3.45kg)
Length : 53cm
Eye colour : Blue

Time :

19.30 1st May 2001

  Sarah, Liam, & Michael Kavanagh