Clann Chaomhánach
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Clann Coat of Arms



Clann Caomhánach - coat of arms


In chief a lion passant, in base two crescents, surrounded by the words "Clann Chaomhánach" with the word 'Clann' over the lion and the word 'Chaomhánach' beneath the crescents, all in red on a silver background.

The lion represents courage and protection. The crescents represent two sickle type implements and signify abundance, giving rise to a 15th century personalised and individual family motto of 'Peace and Plenty'. Other family mottoes were put together at this time and at later dates.

It is important to note that a coat of arms does not belong to a family or Clann - technically a coat of arms is granted to an individual, therefore there are many coats of arms associated with the Kavanagh / Cavanaugh family.

The design depicted above is generally referred to as the "Clann Coat of Arms" or "Clann Arms" but in fact, it is more appropriate to think of it as a corporate logo.


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