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Message from the Clann Tánaiste 2010-2012 Cathal Cavanagh

I would first of all like to express my sincere gratitude to the Clann members for having elected me Tánaiste. It is indeed a singular honour and I hope to live up to their expectations during my term of office as Chieftain. I look forward to maintaining the delightful personal contact and interchange of ideas which has been the hallmark of our Clann to date and has given so much pleasure to all.

Our Clann history is a glorious one, which must be the envy of many. While some are fortunate enough to possess records of their family past, others are left to ponder various clues as to where their origins might have been. But we can all take justifiable pride in the historical deeds of our clan ancestors on several continents. This helps to create an unassailable bond of friendship between us, what is called in Irish ‘ mórtas cine’ or ancestral pride.

The very sad passing of Junglejim in 2008 underlined his incredible personal intellectual and organizational input, which has proved difficult to compensate for. We have, however, been very fortunate that a number of members, notably Germanjim, assumed the various burden and kept Clann affairs ticking over. I should also point out that Fergus has also continued uncomplainingly to fulfill the vital task of overseeing the financial and membership records of the Clann without which we could not operate. We are very deeply indebted to all those who put their shoulders to the wheel when it became absolutely essential and extremely grateful to them.

Looking forward I can see that a number of important challenges face our organisation. We need for example to expand our membership and to harvest new talent for the Clann tasks. Only by doing so can we ensure the future continuity of our association.

I would like to conclude by sending my sincerest good wishes to all our members. I hope to enjoy your company and the allied craic at our forthcoming biennial Gatherings.

My wish for you all in Gaelic is ‘Sláinte is saol fada agaibh uilig’…good health and long life to ye all. .