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Meet The Clann

Here are some of the people who work for, and on behalf of, the Clann Chaomhánach. Without them, and many others like them, the Clann could not survive. The time & effort they contribute for the benefit of others is nothing short of amazing (or lunacy)


At the Clann Gathering in 2010 Jimmy Kavanagh of Dublin was installed as Clann Chief for the next two years - awaiting bio and photo

In 2010 Cathal Cavanagh of Luxembourg was elected Tanaiste 2010-2012. This means Cathal will be our next Chief. Bio and picture to come
James Joseph "German Jim" Kavanagh - Clann Herald
James J. Kavanagh

Born March 1943 in Detroit, Michigan.

Father was a Lineman with Detroit Edison. Descended from John Kavanagh, who immigrated in 1849 (birthplace unknown) and Anne Gerrity from Co. Roscommon, who immigrated in 1848. 

Disability Retirement from the US Air Force in January 1978, as a Master Sergeant, Superintendent of Electronic Intelligence Operations, with Active Service from June 1962, including duty tours in Turkey, Japan, Italy, Berlin (2 Tours), and Southeast Asia.

Employed by Volkswagen of America, Inc. starting in March 1978; overseas assignment to the parent company followed in 1987, and was then transferred to the VW Group Staff, Quality Assurance Division at Volkswagen AG in 1992, where employment continues to date as a Reliability Engineer for motor vehicle electrical systems. Currently on overseas assignment to my home town as the QA Resident Engineer for the North American Region.

BA magna cum Laude in Business, History and Language from the University of Maryland. Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees from the Community College of the Air Force in Communications Technology and Technical Interpreting / Translating (German).

I am responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Clann Data Bank and have held that chair on the Executive Committee from its establishment in 1994.

Celia Kavanagh Boylan - Executive member and Clann Genealogist
Celia Kavanagh Boylan

Celia was Chief of the Clann in 2002-2004 and descends from the Garyhill branch of the family.   Her great grandfather Martin Cavanagh moved from Galway to England during the famine years.  His brother and many of his descendants emigrated giving Celia a very international family.

Interests are family history and finding records and connections for folks worldwide.

Bridget Kavanagh Dalton - Clann Historian

Born 1948, near Kildavin Co. Carlow, into a farming family claiming descent for the Sept of Clonmullen.

Read pharmacy at  University College Dublin, Graduated with honours 1969 (B.Sc. (Pharm) Head of Quality Control, Production Management, R&D in pharmaceutical industry Married near Boris 1975, raised three children. Managed a pet and veterinary shop/hospital in Carlow.

Membership, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 2001 Currently in Community Pharmacy management. Further studies ongoing into evidence based pharmaceutical patient care. Inherited my family's folk memory and an abiding interest in history and heritage.

Met Michael Kavanagh in the early 90's prior to the first Clan gathering and was one of the founding group along with Michael. I am the Clann Historian with a duty to convey an understanding of the complexity of our clann's history, Serving member of the Executive Committee. I have served terms as Chairperson of the  Executive committee, Hy Kinsella History and Heritage Committee, Tuatha Laighin and Clans of Ireland. From 1998 to 2000 I had the honour of server as Chief of Clann Chaomhanach.

Apart from matters relating to history and heritage, I have a keen interest in theatre, and politics.

Ben H. Kavanaugh Jr. - Executive member
Ben H. Kavanaugh

Born in Mississippi in 1939, the oldest son of Ben and Mary Patton Kavanaugh.

Graduated from Mississippi State with a BS in Electrical Engineering. In 1963, I moved from Mississippi to Huntsville, Alabama, where I now reside. Spent my entire working life as a computer programmer / analyst. During the space race I worked as an Engineering Programmer. Following that helped to design and program a large Payroll Personnel System used in more than 100 major corporations in the English speaking world. I continued to work with this system for some 35 years as the company that owned it was bought and sold.

One of my early hobbies was genealogy, which I managed to pursue during work related travel. Began corresponding with Michael Kavanagh in 1995. After a couple of letters, I joined the Clann that same year and attended my first Clann Gathering in 1996. I became a Clann Organizer for Mississippi and Alabama in 1996, Executive Committee Member in 1998 and the Clann Treasurer in 2001.

Daniel Kavanaugh - Executive member
Daniel Kavanaugh and his sister Rosemary

Born in Seattle Washington USA Oct 1948 to Owen P. and Delia Brady Kavanaugh.

I grew up & went to High-School. Worked for Boeing for three years. Then did some traveling first to San Fransico for a year in 1970 and then to Chicago for a year, trying to find myself I guess. Moved back to Seattle area in 1972 where I went to trade school at South Seattle Com. College. 

I took a course in commercial truck driving and started the class in 1973. A month later I met the Jeanine who would become not only my best friend but also, a year later, my wife. We have been married 28 years now.

In 1974 I joined the Seattle branch of The Irish National Caucus of America. In 1980 its members merged with Irish Heritage Clubs of America. I worked on everything from peaceful marches to entertainment, dances, Gaelic football, Hurling matches and more. I talked about going to Ireland for years and finally in 1992 my wife told me to go. She said if you don't like it you don't have to go again. So I got ready to go but I had an accident with a horse and had to travel the following year.

I went to Ferns, met Jim Gethings & Pat kavanagh and joined the Clann. I became a recruiter the same yearr. In 1994 I was asked to sit on the board and I have continued to do to this day. In 1995 ran for Clann Chief and won with the largest amount of votes 96%. I Was inaguarated in 1996 with 9 family members making the trip to see it. WOW I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

Since then I have worked on the Micheal A. Kavanagh and MacMurrough awards. I have also written articles on many items including Lk. Cavanaugh and Mt. Cavanaugh which will be climbed this year. I've made many friends and we all share a common bond. I believe that Donal and Dermot must be mighty Proud of us all.

Caomhanach ABU!

 Fergus Kavanagh - Clann Treasurer
Fergus Kavanagh

In the summer of '96 I heard Michael Kavanagh being interviewed on radio, regarding the 1996 Gathering which was due to be held that September. His enthusiasm was interesting, exciting and contagious, hitting a cord within me, as nothing had done before. Subsequently I attended the Gathering and I loved every minute of it.  I've lived here in Ireland all my life and yet every time I go to a Gathering I get the same boost, that magic feeling in my chest returns and has my heart skipping a beat or two, as it did when Michael popped his head inside the door of the packed gathering office and said, " Are there any Kavanaghs here? You had better get moving, the bus is about to take off on the tour". Everybody in the office moved to the door. That feeling of kinship and belonging is absolutely magic!

Well two years later I was elected to the Executive Committee and have been working directly for the Clann since. In ' 99 I was delegated to represent the Kavanaghs on the Board of Directors of Clans of Ireland. This Job has added another dimension to my experience and development. C of I are generating considerable appreciation and respect in Government, Genealogical, Historical and Tourist Agencies. I have great hopes of many good developments in Clans of Ireland, developments that will prove beneficial and constructive to our own clan.

My original reason for joining the Clann was to help me further my research into my family tree and secondly to learn more about the Kavanagh origins and history. In my own researches I have had greater success in the non-Kavanagh side of my family, but I hope to correct this imbalance now that I've recently retired from my job as a printer. The Clann has kept me busy over the past few years, and the big plus for me is the number of friends I have made, from all over the world. I most certainly have got much more out of the Clann than I was able to put into it.

 Dr. Gary Cavanaugh - Executive member
Gary L. Cavanaugh M.D., Slyvia, Tara and Corey

I was born in Blockton, Iowa to Col. Michael A. Cavanaugh and Jean Yvonne Audas-Menelaus. My family line descends from the Ballyloughan sept of Co. Carlow, Ireland.

I was educated at various schools in Vienna, Austria, New York, California and Iowa. Later I attended Drake University and the University of Iowa. I served as in the US Air Force as a Flight Surgeon with the rank of Captain from 1969 to 1971.

In 1967 I married Sylvia Elaine Willaims and we have two children; Tara & Corey.

I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist, practicing in Stockton, California since 1973 and I am also a member of the Clinical Faculty at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine beginning in 1973.

I have been a member of Clann Chaomhánach since 1993 and I have presented a number of papers on Clann history at various gatherings since then. I was elected to the Executive Committee of the clann in 1996, serving as chairman from 2000 to 2002.

I take an active interest in Irish music and play the uilleann pipes.

John Cavanagh, Executive member
John Cavanagh, Daniel, Joe, Carol and John

I was born and bred in Liverpool, England. For the past twenty years I have been living in Western Australia.

Patsy O'Shea - Executive member

Born and raised in New Zealand. My Cavanagh connection is through my mother who was the granddaughter of John Charles Cavanagh born Dublin c1840.

I joined the Clann in 2002 and attended my first Gathering in the same year. I attended again in 2006 and in 2008 was privileged to complete the work done by the late JungleJim on organising the Gathering for that year.

I am passionate about genealogy and would like to see all C/Kavanaghs discover their Irish connections.

Terry Kavanagh - Executive member

Born in Hamilton New Zealand. I descend from Thomas and Ellen(Moylan) Kavanagh who arrived in Napier, New Zealand in 1860. I moved to Australia with my family in 1977.

My first contact with the Clann was in 2004 when I joined to enlarge my resources base. I became a Life Member in 2006. My first Gathering was in 2008 at which time I became a Member of the Executive and Organiser for Victoria Australia. I attended the 2010 Gathering in Bunclody as well.

I am passionate about everything Irish. My aim within the Clann is to assist where and when I can, also to assist other K/Cavanagh's find their connections.