Clann Chaomhánach
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Clann Chaomhánach



Clann Chaomhánach is registered with the Clans of Ireland, the Irish Government agency set up to coordinate the activities of all Irish Clans.

Clann Chaomhánach is an organization that seeks to unite Kavanaghs / Cavanaughs and Cavenaghs around the world and to record and promote the history of our family. It does this through various activities such as:

  • Hosting the Clann gathering biennially, in Ireland, where members get together to enjoy kinship and fellowship. 
  • Publishing a yearly journal (ISSN 1393 1717) featuring articles on history, genealogy, folklore as well as current news from Clann members and activities worldwide. 
  • Publishing newsletters (ISSN 1393-1733) 
  • Creating an Honours List to recognize personal achievements by Clann members and to recognize people who have helped advance the goals of the Clann. 
  • Maintaining a Genealogical Data Bank for the benefit of members, which will ultimately include all our kinsmen who have ever lived, a great resource for those seeking their roots.

Benefits include :

  • Clann Annual
  • Clann newsletters
  • Genealogical assistance
  • Search Clann genealogical records
  • Membership certificate

You can join the Clann here.

Clann Chaomhánach covers the following known variations of the family name:

Kavanagh, Kavanaugh, Kavanah, Kavenah, Kavanah, Kavanah, Kabana, Kavaner, Kavenaugh, Kavanacht
Cavanagh, Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh, Cavanah, Cavenah, Cavanah, Cavana, Cavana, Cavner, Cavenaugh 
Cavenogh, Cavnar, Cavignac, Cavanaogh, Cavanogh, Cabanah, Chaomhanach and many many others.....