Clann Chaomhánach
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A message from the Clann Chief

Dear Clann Member,

I would like to begin by thanking you all for bestowing upon me the honour of serving as Clann Chief. I am following in the footsteps of some formidable people and to misquote Sir Isaac Newton - I am standing in the shadow of Giants. Being Chief is generally regarded as a thank you for sterling Clann work, put in over a sustained period of time. But now and again people like me sneak through and manage to win the prize - so don’t despair there is hope for everyone!

I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of you down through the years at our biannual gatherings and amazingly I have yet to meet a cousin I didn’t like! The international members of the Clann add a wonderful dynamic to the gatherings and I have enjoyed each and every one. The 2010 event was especially memorable, not just for my inauguration but mostly due to the warm and intimate atmosphere that surrounded the week. A huge amount of work was put in by John of Wexford and his efforts paid off handsomely.

It is only thanks to the support of members like you that our Clann is as strong as it is today. I take great pride in the energy, dedication and professionalism our members bring to our organisation. I am delighted to see a whole new intake of volunteers taking on the responsibility of helping the Clann grow in the difficult times we all find ourselves in.

Being part of the Clann has put me in touch with some wonderful people and has been a genuinely rewarding experience. From California to South Africa and Galway to New Zealand, our Clann contains people I am honoured to call friend and family. If you are considering volunteering your services or anguishing about attending a gathering then I strongly urge you to bite the bullet and do so!

Finally, as Chief I feel a certain responsibility to ensure my message contains the requisite number of management terms. Therefore, going forward I hope that we can raise the core competency of our stakeholders and realign our business processes to more accurately reflect the synergies found at all levels of our customer facing team.

Best wishes to you and your family and I hope to see you in Bunclody for 2012…

Jimmy Kavanagh

Chief - Clann Chaomhánach