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Some More Kavanaghs & The Irish Struggle

Owen uncovers more information on Kavanaghs at a critical time in Irish history.

Owen Kavanagh 17 July 2008
Early 19th Century Carlow Census (Kavanagh extracts)

The first attempt at a government census in Ireland took place beginning in 1813. The Grand Juries of each county were responsible and the enumerators were primarily the Civil Parish constables and officers and were obviously predominantly Protestant.

Gary L Cavanaugh, M.D. 08 Aug 2006
Carlow Militia List

A militia list from1806, only 8 years after the rising of 1798 contains only a few Kavanagh names. However, there may be significant reasons for this paucity as outlined below.

Gary L Cavanaugh, M.D. 07 July 2006
Mary, did you know?

Mary Cavanagh, you are my grgrgr-grandmother. Did you know I first found you recorded in the 1841 census living at Stuart Street, Scholes in Lancashire .

Noeleen Sutton 26 Jun 2006
Bernard Cavanagh - The Man Who Lived On The Word Of God

Between late 1840 and early 1842 Bernard Cavanagh rose from obscurity to become a major celebrity in Ireland and at one point began to rival Daniel Oﮮell, The Great Emancipator, in popularity and newsworthiness.

Jimmy Kavanagh 22 Nov 2005
The Celts - Part III

The account of the Irish Celts continues to the time of Diarmuid MacMurrough.

Cathal Cavanagh 06 Sep 2005
John Cavanaugh

The 20th century's master of hammered lead.

Cavanaugh Foundation 15 Aug 2005
The Celts - Part II

Early Gaelic Society-Social Aspects, Peoples and Politics.

Cathal Cavanagh 14 Jul 2005
The Celts

The story of the Irish race is inextricably intertwined with the arrival of the Celts in Ireland. But who were the Celts ?

Cathal Cavanagh 21 Jun 2005
Brighid - Druidic Goddess & Celtic Saint

Brighid an important Leinster saint, and Ireland୯st famed woman saint, who died about 524 AD...

Bridget Kavanagh Dalton 21 Jun 2005
Book Review - Raices Celtas

Cathal reviews a book by Raϲtig졠of the polo playing Cavanagh dynasty of Argentina.

Cathal Cavanagh 22 Apr 2005
A short story of my Irish ancestors

Peter Kavanagh & Annie Ingram

Joel R. Husebo 06 Apr 2005
My Grandfather's Grave

The winning entry from our recent competition for Clann members.

Owen Kavanagh 05 Apr 2005
Robert Murray Kavanaugh, George Cross

Robert, of NSW, Australia was awarded the GC in 1930.

The GC Database 01 Apr 2005
The true origin of St. Patrick's Day

The myth surrounding the patron saint of Ireland is finally laid to rest.
Brian Gallagher 17 Mar 2005
The Tale of Corned Beef and Cabbage

How did this well known dish become associated with the Irish.
Gary L. Cavanaugh, M.D. 17 Mar 2005
Book Review - Born Fighting : How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

...a fascinating book which gives some valuable insights into the background of a major element of the US population
Cathal Cavanagh 17 Mar 2005
Family in the Eastern 1916 Rising

A list of people who took part in the failed coup in Dublin.
Owen Kavanagh 6 Jan 2005
Sean Kavanagh - An Irish Patriot

Railway clerk, teacher and a comrade of Michael Collins in the struggle for Irish independence.
Owen Kavanagh 15 Dec 2004
The Journal of John Kavanagh

The diary of Fr. Kavanagh takes him from Co. Wexford to service in the French navy.
Bridget Kavanagh Dalton 10 Nov 2004
The legend of Red Charlie Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh 20 Oct 2004
Stocktonian rules a bit o' Ireland

Mike places a call from California to Ireland and talks to the new Clann Chief.
Mike Fitzgerald
The Record
12 Oct 2004
Journey To Wicklow

Gina shares her journey to discover her ancestors.
Gina Ellis 01 Sep 2004
Hants County's Last Hanging

The grisly murder of an Ellershouse man gripped the province of Nova Scotia in the winter of 1906.
Brodie Thomas
West Hants Historical Society
22 Aug 2004
The Short, Unhappy Life of G.I. Thomas Kavanagh Mystery

Heroic Army Service is Topped by Toy Gun Bandit Career
Hal Boyle
Dixon Evening Telegraph, 1948
28 Jun 2004
Australian Reunion

Descendents of Michael Kavanagh and his wife Mary McCabe.
Pat Kavanagh,
21 Jun 2004
What The Irish Wore

When is a shirt a dress, dress a skirt or a skirt a kilt? The question of Irish kilts.
Kass McGann 25 Feb 2004
Kavanaugh and Cottrill: Newcastle͊ 18th Century Entrepreneurs

How two Irish immigrants helped shape their new home.
Martha C. Frink 07 Jan 2004
George P. Cavanah (1823 - 1863)

A sketch of a Baptist minister from Kentucky.
A.D. Williams, D.D. 31 Oct 2003
Bill Cavenaugh, settler in Enderby, Canada

Bill spent twenty two self sufficient years on Mabel Lake before he was finally persuaded to move into town.
Leanne Sylvester, Ryan Hunt, Karleen Schwab 20 Sep 2003
The Demise of Jeremiah C/Kavanagh of Brooklyn, New York

Newspapers report the death of the saloon keeper and former police detective in 1882.
Various Newspapers 23 Aug 2003
Aileen Cavanagh

Aileen was a pioneering engineer and computer programmer who demonstrated that women could hold their own in a field dominated by men.
Mary Ann Hoffman
IEEE History Centre
23 Jul 2003
Sergeant Patrick Cavanaugh, a brave soldier of the Revolution

An account of some exploits of during the war.
American Irish Historical Society 04 Jul 2003
James Kavanagh and the Fastnet Lighthouse

Stonemason and foreman for the construction of the Fastnet lighthouse on the south west coast of Ireland.
Jimmy Kavanagh 04 Jul 2003
Irish slaves in the Caribbean

James F. explores the transportation of Irish men and women that began in the 1600's
James F. Cavanaugh 18 Jun 2003
James Joseph Kavanagh, Settler in Ontario, Canada

In 1852 young James left Ireland with his parents and siblings and headed to Canada to start a new life.
Ann & Gary Cavanaugh 02 Jun 2003
A portrait of a Seattle Cavanaugh family

A letter from Mark's aunt Rose is the starting point for a family history.
Mark Cavanaugh 15 May 2003
St. Patrick's Day Card from Belize

A celebration of Green in Central America.
James F. Cavanaugh 15 Mar 2003
Christmas Card from Belize

Thoughts on the nativity from the jungles of Belize.
James F. Cavanaugh 24 Dec 2002
For Kavanaughs, success runs in the family

The Kavanaugh family of Dartmouth, MA are dedicated to football.
Ed Collins
Standard Times
Victor Cavanagh - New Zealand Rugby legend

Victor created one of the most formidable domestic rugby teams in NZ history, and provided many players for the world famous All Blacks.
NZ Rugby Union 11 Nov 2002
The Question of A Bloodline Chief

The vexed question of "Chief Of The Name" 
James F. Cavanaugh 01 Nov 2002
Anniversary of September 11th brings new life and new hope

Jennifer Delorenziz nee Kavanagh, a survivor of the Twin Towers has cause for celebration on September 11 2002.
Jane Barnes
The Sun Newspaper
03 Oct 2002 
Mike Kavanagh WWF Malaysia

Mike works for the World Wildlife Fund and is helping to protect the natural resources and biodiversity of Malaysia.
Jimmy Kavanagh 28 Aug 2002
Court case of James Cavenagh, New South Wales, 1834

A foul and deliberate murder.
Bruce Kercher
Macquarie University
22 Aug 2002
Good genes are best recipe for longevity

Some of us live longer than others.
Stephen Smith
The Boston Globe
12 June 2002
Eibhila R Eilene Aroon

The love story behind a famous Irish song courtesy of James F. This article also appears in the 2002 Clann annual.
James F. Cavanaugh 31 May 2002
A Song For Michigan

Few people know that Michigan has a State Song and that our Clann is connected with it.
Jimmy Kavanagh 26 Apr 2002
What's in a name - Caomhánach

"German Jim" explains why there are so many ways to spell our name and lists over 200 of the variants so far uncovered.
James J. Kavanagh 28 Jan 2002
A thank you note

A chance to say thanks to all of you.
Jimmy Kavanagh 04 Dec 2001
A Kavanagh family reunited in Dublin

Despite the events of September 11th Celia manages to meet up with newly discovered family from the USA.
Celia Kavanagh Boylan 22 Oct 2001