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A Thank You Note

Greetings Friends 

Christmas is approaching and a major milestone in the life of this website is almost here. Created in December 1999 the site will soon reach its second birthday. What started off as a small five-page baby has grown slowly and steadily to the point where it now contains hundreds of pages. And the success of this project is down you dear friend and all of the others who have come to visit. Many of you have left words of encouragement in the “Guest book” or via email and I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for those kind words. I hope that you will continue to come and visit in the future and I encourage you to submit articles and stories for the enjoyment of others. The point of this website is to share the story of our family and each one of us has a chapter to contribute. 

October brought the wonderful news that the dates and Itinerary for next years clann gathering have been finalised. The gathering is a chance for us to meet and discover the threads that bind our families together, perhaps visit the land of our fathers and mothers for the first time, to walk through in country that holds our heritage and of course to have some fun. It will also be a chance for people who have helped each other through this site to meet face to face, and I would love to put faces on the names that have been in touch with me over the last two years. 

On September 11th the American branches of our family, and many others, suffered a terrible body blow. Events on that terrible day gave us all time and motive to re-evaluate the essential things in our lives; the result has been recognition of the importance of family and friends and a reawakening of the idea of community and fellowship. The response of the people of New York has demonstrated all that is great in the human spirit. I am full of admiration for the fire fighters, police and other emergency services of the city who risked everything in a desperate attempt to help and protect others. The risk for some of them proved too great and they lost their lives. My deepest sympathy goes out to their families during this time of year when families meet up from all over the USA to celebrate Christmas.  

I would like to end by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. And as Dave Allen would say “May your God go with you.”