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08 Aug 2006 Added article Early 18th Century Carlow Census (Kavanagh extracts) by Gary L Cavanaugh, M.D.
07 Jul 2006 Added article Carlow Militia by Gary L Cavanaugh, M.D.
26 Jun 2006 Added article Mary, did you know? by Noeleen Sutton.
24 Mar 2006 Added Mary Frances Cavanaugh to the featured section.
06 Feb 2006 Added Itinerary for 2006 Gathering.
31 Jan 2006 Added tribute to Paul Kavanagh of Dublin.
11 Jan 2006 Added some of the Slaters directory records contributed by Charles F. Cavanaugh #479
22 Nov 2005 Article : Bernard Cavanagh - The Man Who Lived On The Word Of God by Jimmy Kavanagh.
17 Oct 2005 Featured Cavanaughs from Saint John.
20 Sep 2005 Added John R. & Matthew Cavanaugh of St. John to the featured section.
08 Sep 2005 Added Community Notice Board
06 Sep 2005 Article Part III of Cathal Cavanaghs series The Celts
15 Aug 2005 Article - John Cavanaugh : The 20th century's master of hammered lead
14 Jul 2005 Article - Part II of Cathal Cavanaghs series on Celtic Ireland
21 Jun 2005 Article from Cathal Cavanagh - The Celts
21 Jun 2005 Article from Bridget Kavanagh Dalton - Brighid - Druidic Goddess & Celtic Saint
23 May 2005 Updated Owen Kavanaghs article "Family in the Easter Rising" with new information from Cathal Cavanagh.
03 May 2005 Added partial entries for the Savannah City Directories of 1871, 1888, 1910
28 Apr 2005 Added Archives Aid to the records section. For Clann members only.
22 Apr 2005 Book review - Raices Celtas
06 Apr 2005 New article A short story of my Irish ancestors from Joel R. Husebo
05 Apr 2005 Added Owen Kavanaghs article My Grandfathers Grave
01 Apr 2005 Added Robert Murray Kavanaugh, George Cross
17 Mar 2005 New Article - The true origin of St. Patrick's Day
17 Mar 2005 New Article - The Tale of Corned Beef and Cabbage
17 Mar 2005 Book Review - Book Review - Born Fighting : How the Scots-Irish Shaped America
11 Feb 2005 Changed default font in order to make pages more legible. Your feedback on this is appreciated.
17 Jan 2005 Added John Gerald Cavanaugh and James Herbert Cavanaugh to the Featured section.
6 Jan 2005 New article - Family in the 1916 Rising courtesy of Owen Kavanagh
21 Dec 2004 Added Anthony Bernard Cavanaugh to the Featured section.
15 Dec 2004 Owen Kavanagh contributes an article on Sean Kavanagh, a relation who fought for Irish independence.
30 Nov 2004 Added Michael Joseph Kavanagh M.C. to the Featured section.
19 Nov 2004 New records added to the Clann Databank.
12 Nov 2004 Added James F. Cavanaugh to the Featured section.
11 Nov 2004 New Article - The Journal of John Kavanagh by Bridget Kavanagh Dalton.
26 Oct 21004 New Article from Owen Kavanagh of new Jersey - The Long Road To Borris And Gathering Thoughts
25 Oct 2004 Jane Smith from Maryland on the Gathering.
22 Oct 2004 Added Fr. Charles Cavanagh's account of the 2004 Gathering.
21 Oct 2004 Article - The legend of Red Charlie Kavanagh
15 Oct 2004 Added sample gallery for the 2004 Gathering
12 Oct 2004 New Article - Stocktonian rules a bit o' Ireland courtesy of Mike Fitzgerald & The Record newspaper
29 Sep 2004 Clann members can now email individuals who have registered in the Contact database.
01 Sep 2004 New Article - Journey To Wicklow by Gina Ellis
22 Aug 2004 New Article - Hants County's Last Hanging courtesy of Brodie Thomas.
09 Jul 2004 New book launched - Caomhánach Pioneers in America.
28 Jun 2004 New article - The Short Unhappy Life of Thomas Joseph Kavanagh of New York.
21 Jun 2004 New article - Australian reunion for Descendents of Michael Kavanagh and his wife Mary McCabe.
08 Jun 2004 Added Thoms Dublin 1880 to City Directory database.
27 May 2004 The New Message flag in the forums has been modified. The change means that all messages will now appear as new until you "reset" each forum.
15 May 2004 Added census for Manchester, England 1851.
14 May 2004 Added city directories for Manchester, England.
11 May 2004 Added Edward Kavanaugh, railroad engineer, of Galion, Ohio to US Pioneers. Also added E. E. Cavanaugh of Iowa ~ John James Kavanagh of Buffalo County, Nebraska and Ed. C. Kavanaugh of Platte, Nebraska.
10 May 2004 Added Mary E. Cavanaugh of Minnesota and Edward Cavanaugh of Pennsylvania to US Pioneers.
08 May 2004 Added James and John H. Kavanagh of Ontario to Canadian Pioneers. Added Edward Kavanagh of Maine to US Pioneers.
04 May 2004 Census records are undergoing testing.
30 Apr 2004 Email addresses are no longer displayed on the Query pages. This should help to prevent users contact information being used in a negative way.
27 Apr 2004 City Directory lists are being tested.
23 Apr 2004 Passenger lists are now searchable and available only to Clann members.
19 Apr 2004 Added an entry for James P. Cavanaugh of Daviess County, Indiana to the US Pioneers
24 Mar 2004 Added a second entry for J. L. Cavanaugh of Wisconsin to the US Pioneers. Also added an entry for his father Peter. Added a second entry for Daniel Charles of Nebraska.
17 Mar 2004 Clann Newsletter #28
16 Mar 2004 New obituaries for Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana and Idaho.
10 Mar 2004 Added James Kavanaugh of Whatcom / Skagit, WA to the US Pioneers.
09 Mar 2004 Added James & James Francis Cavanaugh of Ontario County, New York to the US Pioneers database. Also added Thomas Cavenaugh of Green County, Wisconsin.
28 Feb 2004 Added Clann Newsletter #27
25 Feb 2004 New article - What The Irish Wore
20 Feb 2004 New obituaries for Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania.
11 Feb 2004 New images posted to the identity parade.
10 Feb 2004 Added info on family reunion in Australia
05 Feb 2004 New images posted to the identity parade.
07 Jan 2004 Added article on James Kavanagh of Newcastle, Maine.
20 Dec 2003 Added Dr. Leo M. Cavanaugh of Cumberland, MD to the US Pioneers records.
24 Nov 2003 Added Paul Mikio Kavanaugh to the Featured Family Member section.
23 Nov 2003 A new Personal Data Bank facility is currently being evaluated for Clann members.
19 Nov 2003 New entries in US Pioneers section for Wisconsin and Ohio
11 Nov 2003 The Pioneer records are now available only to Clann members.
06 Nov 2003 Added more info to the Gathering home page and you can now register online.
05 Nov 2003 Added new Obituary records for USA & Canada
04 Nov 2003 Added More information and registration forms for the 2004 Gathering.
03 Nov 2003 Newsletter #26 was updated to include the Housing Application Form for the 2004 Gathering.
31 Oct 2003 Added sketch of George P. Cavanah to the Articles section.
31 Oct 2003 Clann Newsletter #26 is now available online.
30 Oct 2003 Added John Kavanagh of New York and John P. Kavanaugh of Portland, Oregon to the US Pioneer section.
20 Oct 2003 Added England to the Obituary records.
03 Oct 2003 The Clann screensaver for Windows can now be downloaded and purchased online.
01 Oct 2003 Posted agendas for the 2004 Gathering and the Hy Kinsella History Conference
20 Sep 2003 Added new article on Bill Cavenaugh, a settler in Enderby, Canada
18 Sep 2003 Added a search facility to the Obituary records.
14 Sep 2003 Added Australia to the Obituary records.
12 Sep 2003 Added Monsignor Patrick E. Cavanagh  to the Featured member section.
08 Sep 2003 Added new Forums test area for Clann members.
28 Aug 2003 Added Canada to the Pioneer section.
23 Aug 2003 New article The Demise of Jeremiah C/Kavanagh of Brooklyn, New York
11 Aug 2003 Dates for the 2004 Clann Gathering have been set.
06 Aug 2003 Google AdSense trial. Serving Google ads on the home page.
06 Aug 2003 Added trucker hats and flying discs to the Clann store
06 Aug 2003 Updated layout and organisation for the Pioneer section.
05 Aug 2003 Added new entry for James P. Cavanaugh, Sully County, South Dakota to the pioneer section.
25 Jul 2003 Added entry for William H. Kavanaugh, IN to pioneer section.
23 Jul 2003 Added new article on Aileen Cavanagh, a pioneering engineer, courtesy of Mary Ann Hoffman.
17 Jul 2003 Added Early Obituary area to the Records section. There is a facility to record new entries. Initially only the US records can be displayed.
16 Jul 2003 Added new Community section to home page. Moved chat into this new area. Created a new sub section - "In Memoriam"
07 Jul 2003 Added Miss Shannon Sterry of Malta to the featured section.
04 Jul 2003 Added new article - Sergeant Patrick Cavanaugh, a brave soldier of the Revolution
04 Jul 2003 Added new article on James Kavanagh and the Fastnet lighthouse.
20 Jun 2003 Added new products to the Clann Store.
19 Jun 2003 Clann Newsletter #25 is now online.
19 Jun 2003 Added a new area for the identification of people in photographs
18 Jun 2003 New article from James F. Cavanaugh on Irish slaves in the Caribbean.
17 Jun 2003 Added facility to make a donation using a credit card.
16 Jun 2003 Added facility to join the Clann online using a credit card.
16 Jun 2003 The membership rates have been revised based on current exchange rates. They will be revised every quarter from now on.
11 Jun 2003 Added a survey for the 2004 Gathering.
04 Jun 2003 Added Major Thomas Cavanagh, of Des Moines, Iowa to the Pioneer records.
03 Jun 2003 Added James Joseph Kavanagh of Barrie, Ontario to the Featured section.
25 May 2003 Added Andrew Cavanagh of Saint Clair County, Michigan to the Pioneer records.
23 May 2003 Added Major John P. Cavanaugh (Ret.) to the Featured section.
23 May 2003 Added new area - Heirlooms found
22 May 2003 Added Walter Kavanaugh of Harrison County, Iowa to the Pioneer records.
22 May 2003 Added Michael E. Cavanaugh, of Adams County, Iowa to the Pioneer records.
19 May 2003 Updated pioneer entry and added photo for Daniel C. Kavanaugh of Platte County, Nebraska.
19 May 2003 I have increased protection for email addresses to prevent collection by spammers.
As a result, Email addresses are no longer clickable links. To reply to queries etc. you will need to type in the appropriate email address manually.
05 May 2003 New article from Mark Cavanaugh - A portrait of a Seattle Cavanaugh family
07 May 2003 Added photograph and information from the grave of Thomas Henry Kavanagh VC.
07 May 2003 Updated information for Thomas Norman Cavanagh and William Cavanagh on the NZ WWI list. Thanks to David (Chester) Cavanagh for the new information.
07 May 2003 Added James Cavana of Oneida County, NY to the Pioneer records.
07 May 2003 Added picture of Joseph Cavanaugh of Siskiyou County, CA to the Pioneer records.
06 May 2003 Added Dr. William S. Kavanaugh of Mariposa, CA to the Pioneer records.
03 May 2003 Added Dr. James Cavanaugh of Northampton County, PA to the Pioneer records.
02 May 2003 Added John H. Cavanagh of Christian County, KY to the Pioneer records.
01 May 2003 Added James Cavanagh of Lake City, MI to the Pioneer records.
29 Apr 2003

Added Larry Kavanagh to the Featured section.